Friday, March 7, 2008

McGayan process: a "modern day miracle"

Sometimes you need some good news on the climate change front. Some times you feel lucky to view a historical moment. Biodiesel has been touted as an alternative to fossil fuels. Problem: expensive, difficult to make, and not energy effective (see an earlier post). That potentially (and definitely will) change with the Mcgayan process. Brian Krohn, a undergraduate student at Augsburg College was the "catalyst" to discover a new method to produce biodiesel that doesn't require dangerous chemicals or water in the production. Simply put: it is amazing to imagine how simple the technology is. Even more important: it is cleaner, cheaper, 100 times faster than traditional methods, and opens up the door to making "carbon capture systems" more feasible. Even more amazing is that it was the curiosity of a undergraduate student that started the whole thing. Links to media coverage are here and here. Keep your eye on the news for this discovery.

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